Chart: Commodities Strategy

December 2023


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  • China's Property Stimulus Creates Iron Ore Price Conundrum Yahoo Finance ... commodities strategy at Macquarie Bank Ltd. “But they don't deliver a sustained change in the trend.” ADVERTISEMENT. Advertisement. Traders in... 3 days ago
  • METALS-Copper ticks lower on firm dollar, nickel extends gains Nasdaq ... commodity strategy at Saxo Bank in Copenhagen. "For now, copper is ... commodities more expensive for buyers using other currencies. FRX/. 17 hours ago
  • Commodity carry as a trading signal – part 2 Macrosynergy Research For this post, we looked at five commodity groups: energy, base metals, precious metals, and agricultural commodities. ... trading strategies. 21 hours ago

    Midlincoln Commodities Rankings from best to worst

    Orange Juice (ICE)USd/lb.43.56
    Cocoa (ICE)USD/MT34.71
    Cocking CoalCNY/MT18.69
    Sugar #11 (ICE)USd/lb.10.16
    Silver (Comex)USD/t oz.9.15
    Rough Rice (CBOT)USD/cwt8.05
    Gold SpotUSD/t oz.5.51
    Coffee 'C' (ICE)USd/lb.4.44
    Copper (Comex)USd/lb.3.55
    Live Cattle (CME)USd/lb.1.87
    Feeder Cattle (CME)USd/lb.1.39
    Brent Crude (ICE)USD/bbl.-0.10
    Soybean (CBOT)USd/bu.-0.59
    Oats (CBOT)USd/bu.-1.45
    Canola (ICE)CAD/MT-2.76
    Cotton #2 (ICE)USd/lb.-3.46
    Platinum SpotUSD/t oz.-4.20
    3Mo Aluminum (LME)USD/MT-4.41
    3Mo Zinc (LME)USD/MT-4.75
    Wheat (CBOT)USd/bu.-4.75
    3Mo Tin (LME)USD/MT-5.34
    Lean Hogs (CME)USd/lb.-10.57
    Corn (CBOT)USd/bu.-11.40
    Natural Gas (Nymex)USD/MMBtu-14.75
    Palladium SpotUSD/t oz.-23.83

    Commodities Monthly Performance

    NameUnitsLastPriceCurrencyWeekChange USDpct
    Cocking CoalCNY/MT2115CNY17.57
    Cocoa (ICE)USD/MT4273.00USD11.68
    Silver (Comex)USD/t oz.25.44USD9.42
    Coffee 'C' (ICE)USd/lb.1.7269999999999999USD8.55
    Rough Rice (CBOT)USD/cwt17.47USD8.37
    Silver SpotUSD/t oz.25.03USD8.21
    Silver/Japanese Yen SpotJPY/t oz.3681.17JPY5.94
    Copper (Comex)USd/lb.3.841USD5.35
    Silver (Tokyo)JPY/g118.50JPY5.15
    Wheat (CBOT)USd/bu.5.875USD4.63
    Silver/Euro SpotEUR/t oz.22.81EUR4.59
    Kerosene (Tokyo)JPY/kl78000.00JPY4.00
    Soybean (CBOT)USd/bu.13.485USD3.69
    Silver/British Pound SpotGBP/t oz.19.70GBP3.47
    Canola (ICE)CAD/MT705.90CAD3.40
    3Mo Copper (LME)USD/MT8415.50USD3.38
    Gold (Comex)USD/t oz.2065.60USD3.15
    Gold/Indian Rupee SpotINR/t oz.170375.31INR2.62
    Gold SpotUSD/t oz.2045.05USD2.56
    Orange Juice (ICE)USd/lb.4.11USD2.54
    RBOB Gasoline (Nymex)USd/gal.2.28USD2.32
    3Mo Zinc (LME)USD/MT2501.00USD1.44
    Soybean Oil (CBOT)USd/lb.0.5277000000000001USD1.44
    Soybean Meal (CBOT)USD/T.426.70USD0.66
    Platinum SpotUSD/t oz.937.02USD0.59
    Gold/Japanese Yen SpotJPY/t oz.300811.50JPY0.48
    Gold (Tokyo)JPY/g9667.00JPY0.45
    Sugar #11 (ICE)USd/lb.0.2686USD0.41
    Rubber (Tokyo)JPY/kg167.90JPY0.00
    Ethanol (CBOT)USD/gal.2.16USD0.00
    Corn (CBOT)USd/bu.4.76USD-0.47
    Gold/Euro SpotEUR/t oz.1863.36EUR-0.91
    Lean Hogs (CME)USd/lb.0.701USD-1.52
    Gold/British Pound SpotGBP/t oz.1610.28GBP-1.90
    3Mo Aluminum (LME)USD/MT2214.00USD-2.32
    Heating Oil (Nymex)USd/gal.2.8760000000000003USD-3.56
    Cotton #2 (ICE)USd/lb.0.7963USD-3.83
    Gasoil (Nymex)USD/MT827.00USD-5.00
    Live Cattle (CME)USd/lb.1.7348USD-5.33
    Brent Crude (ICE)USD/bbl.82.91USD-5.75
    3Mo Tin (LME)USD/MT23501.00USD-6.05
    WTI Crude Oil (Nymex)USD/bbl.77.73USD-6.18
    Feeder Cattle (CME)USd/lb.2.222USD-6.20
    Crude Oil (Tokyo)JPY/kl78880.00JPY-6.86
    Palladium SpotUSD/t oz.1028.09USD-8.76
    ECX Emissions (ICE)EUR/MT71.02USD-9.78
    Oats (CBOT)USd/bu.3.62USD-10.01
    Natural Gas (Nymex)USD/MMBtu2.80USD-16.17
    Lumber (CME)USD/1000 board feet--USD

    Commodities YTD Performance

    NameUnitsLastPriceCurrencyYTDChange USDpct
    Orange Juice (ICE)USd/lb.4.11USD99.08
    Cocoa (ICE)USD/MT4273.00USD64.03
    Sugar #11 (ICE)USd/lb.0.2686USD41.67
    Crude Oil (Tokyo)JPY/kl78880.00JPY32.19
    Gold (Tokyo)JPY/g9667.00JPY22.29
    Gold/Japanese Yen SpotJPY/t oz.300811.50JPY22.04
    Silver (Tokyo)JPY/g118.50JPY20.18
    Feeder Cattle (CME)USd/lb.2.222USD19.69
    Silver/Japanese Yen SpotJPY/t oz.3681.17JPY16.93
    Cocking CoalCNY/MT2115CNY12.02
    Live Cattle (CME)USd/lb.1.7348USD10.65
    Gold (Comex)USD/t oz.2065.60USD10.48
    Gold/Indian Rupee SpotINR/t oz.170375.31INR10.48
    Gold SpotUSD/t oz.2045.05USD9.61
    Coffee 'C' (ICE)USd/lb.1.7269999999999999USD9.10
    Gold/Euro SpotEUR/t oz.1863.36EUR6.24
    Silver (Comex)USD/t oz.25.44USD6.09
    Brent Crude (ICE)USD/bbl.82.91USD5.52
    WTI Crude Oil (Nymex)USD/bbl.77.73USD5.37
    Oats (CBOT)USd/bu.3.62USD5.16
    Silver SpotUSD/t oz.25.03USD5.04
    Gold/British Pound SpotGBP/t oz.1610.28GBP4.36
    Silver/Euro SpotEUR/t oz.22.81EUR1.83
    RBOB Gasoline (Nymex)USd/gal.2.28USD1.58
    Rubber (Tokyo)JPY/kg167.90JPY0.00
    Ethanol (CBOT)USD/gal.2.16USD0.00
    Silver/British Pound SpotGBP/t oz.19.70GBP-0.05
    Kerosene (Tokyo)JPY/kl78000.00JPY-0.64
    Rough Rice (CBOT)USD/cwt17.47USD-1.69
    Copper (Comex)USd/lb.3.841USD-1.79
    3Mo Copper (LME)USD/MT8415.50USD-2.03
    3Mo Aluminum (LME)USD/MT2214.00USD-3.55
    Heating Oil (Nymex)USd/gal.2.8760000000000003USD-4.28
    Gasoil (Nymex)USD/MT827.00USD-6.05
    3Mo Tin (LME)USD/MT23501.00USD-7.00
    Cotton #2 (ICE)USd/lb.0.7963USD-7.06
    ECX Emissions (ICE)EUR/MT71.02USD-8.23
    Soybean (CBOT)USd/bu.13.485USD-9.65
    Soybean Meal (CBOT)USD/T.426.70USD-10.66
    Lean Hogs (CME)USd/lb.0.701USD-12.68
    Platinum SpotUSD/t oz.937.02USD-14.38
    Soybean Oil (CBOT)USd/lb.0.5277000000000001USD-16.46
    3Mo Zinc (LME)USD/MT2501.00USD-17.28
    Canola (ICE)CAD/MT705.90CAD-18.76
    Wheat (CBOT)USd/bu.5.875USD-20.98
    Natural Gas (Nymex)USD/MMBtu2.80USD-24.53
    Corn (CBOT)USd/bu.4.76USD-27.22
    Palladium SpotUSD/t oz.1028.09USD-43.26
    Lumber (CME)USD/1000 board feet--USD-100.00

    Key Topics and News

    Oil Production Cost Curve
    Oil Supply and Demand
    Aluminium Cost Curve
    Aluminium Supply and Demand
    Nickel Metal Cost Curve
    Nickel Metal Supply Demand
    Copper Cost Curve
    Copper Supply Demand

    Recent Commodities Ideas ChartArt

    Cost Curve in Oil&Gas at EBITDA Level

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    Commodities Strategy

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    Commodity Strategy

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    Midlincoln Commodities Strategy

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    Commodities Strategy

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    Gold, Platinum and Palladium

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    Gold investment is a tiny 1.8% of total financial assets

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    Cost support for gold price

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    Value of Gold Mined in 2017 of 3150t at 1250/oz and costs

    Download file in Power Point

    Top 5 Commodities Longs Based on Momentum

    JO1 ComdtyOrange Juice (ICE)USd/lb.2.542.5499.0869.3199.8543.56
    CC1 ComdtyCocoa (ICE)USD/MT11.6811.6864.0343.1072.3734.71
    CKCK7 COMB ComdtyCocking CoalCNY/MT17.5717.5712.0224.7814.8518.69
    JI1 ComdtySilver (Tokyo)JPY/g5.155.1520.1813.1823.0511.63
    XAGJPY CurncySilver/Japanese Yen SpotJPY/t oz.5.945.9416.9313.1720.1411.30

    Top 20 Commodities Shorts Based on Momentum

    XPDUSD CurncyPalladium SpotUSD/t oz.-8.76-8.76-43.26-32.04-45.77-23.83
    LMNIDS03 ComdtyNickelUSD/MT-8.36-8.36-39.32-29.91-38.18-21.20
    NG1 ComdtyNatural Gas (Nymex)USD/MMBtu-16.17-16.17-24.5323.35-50.00-14.75
    MO1 ComdtyECX Emissions (ICE)EUR/MT-9.78-9.78-8.23-19.73-18.66-14.49
    C A ComdtyCorn (CBOT)USd/bu.-0.47-0.47-27.22-18.81-25.83-11.40

    Estimates of Commodities Avg Annual Prices

    WTI Crude Oil (Nymex)USD/bbl.51.2066.4756.1540.1866.8797.13
    Brent Crude (ICE)USD/bbl.54.9372.1363.1443.5569.56101.24
    Crude Oil (Tokyo)JPY/kl37180.8347237.5040296.6729553.3344018.3370234.00
    Natural Gas (Nymex)USD/MMBtu3.102.992.622.093.696.75
    RBOB Gasoline (Nymex)USd/gal.1.661.971.701.212.053.03
    Heating Oil (Nymex)USd/gal.1.672.091.921.282.033.47
    Gasoil (Nymex)USD/MT495.81645.10584.38379.44575.481037.58
    Kerosene (Tokyo)JPY/kl49809.1764072.5057185.8343763.3360145.0081529.00
    ECX Emissions (ICE)EUR/MT6.2815.0524.6424.7851.4780.61
    Cocking CoalCNY/MT1268.211413.171308.791264.711978.752604.10
    Gold (Comex)USD/t oz.1261.421296.031393.651789.181793.081825.55
    Gold (Tokyo)JPY/g4528.004513.174856.426090.506300.087487.30
    Gold SpotUSD/t oz.1260.771291.161390.271781.961792.231818.70
    Gold/Euro SpotEUR/t oz.1119.381082.191241.641555.331512.171718.84
    Gold/British Pound SpotGBP/t oz.977.94953.381094.401384.481303.821454.85
    Gold/Japanese Yen SpotJPY/t oz.141150.35140707.55151395.17189708.44196137.93233641.75
    Gold/Indian Rupee SpotINR/t oz.82136.4686707.7497986.21132303.55132329.73140657.34
    Silver (Comex)USD/t oz.17.2216.0216.1720.6725.0721.83
    Silver (Tokyo)JPY/g61.4155.9956.4970.0888.2089.06
    Silver SpotUSD/t oz.17.2416.0216.1520.5325.0121.76
    Silver/Euro SpotEUR/t oz.15.3313.4214.4217.8421.0820.53
    Silver/British Pound SpotGBP/t oz.13.3911.8212.7115.9118.1817.37
    Silver/Japanese Yen SpotJPY/t oz.1930.391744.571758.402183.742735.592785.84
    Platinum SpotUSD/t oz.958.52908.21861.19896.211090.11949.86
    Palladium SpotUSD/t oz.862.401026.021512.272195.902423.552201.53
    Copper (Comex)USd/lb.2.812.972.712.764.204.07
    3Mo Copper (LME)USD/MT6196.006659.255991.086143.969216.298986.60
    3Mo Aluminum (LME)USD/MT1957.672138.581817.921723.332437.922796.65
    3Mo Zinc (LME)USD/MT2872.253032.002483.582239.132956.583571.40
    3Mo Tin (LME)USD/MT20154.1720428.3318467.5017087.3330047.0033813.50
    Corn (CBOT)USd/bu.3.743.663.853.585.716.83
    Wheat (CBOT)USd/bu.4.634.914.955.367.089.15
    Oats (CBOT)USd/bu.2.412.512.832.824.735.77
    Rough Rice (CBOT)USD/cwt10.9511.5011.5012.8013.4516.41
    Soybean (CBOT)USd/bu.9.779.428.959.3113.7015.13
    Soybean Meal (CBOT)USD/T.312.35340.27306.84313.10387.33426.47
    Soybean Oil (CBOT)USd/lb.0.340.300.290.310.560.68
    Canola (ICE)CAD/MT509.64503.82461.20492.67787.28973.71
    Cocoa (ICE)USD/MT2018.422266.752386.252486.172496.252476.30
    Coffee 'C' (ICE)USd/lb.1.341.
    Sugar #11 (ICE)USd/lb.
    Orange Juice (ICE)USd/lb.1.551.511.
    Cotton #2 (ICE)USd/lb.0.750.820.670.630.921.14
    Lumber (CME)USD/1000 board feet379.39464.43362.89496.94837.69787.14
    Rubber (Tokyo)JPY/kg241.90177.54181.20167.08167.90167.90
    Ethanol (CBOT)USD/gal.1.521.401.371.212.102.16
    Live Cattle (CME)USd/lb.
    Feeder Cattle (CME)USd/lb.1.431.481.421.371.511.72
    Lean Hogs (CME)USd/lb.0.700.690.720.580.910.99

    Commodities News, Table of Contents:

    OilNatural GasCocking CoalGoldSilverPlatinumPalladiumCopper
    3Mo Aluminum3Mo Zinc3Mo TinNickelSteelCornWheatOats
    Rough RiceSoybeanCanolaCocoaCoffeeSugarOrange JuiceCotton
    WoolLumberRubberEthanolLive CattleFeeder CattleLean Hogs

    Oil 82.91(USD/bbl.)

  • Oil prices gain near 2% on expectations of deeper OPEC+ cuts Reuters · 6 hours ago
  • Oil settles up 2%; focus on OPEC+, storm-hit Kazakh output Reuters · 1 day ago
  • Oil falls, Brent settles below $80 ahead of OPEC+ meeting Reuters · 2 days ago
  • Oil Price Forecast: WTI Faces Technical Hurdles as OPEC+ Rumors Swirl DailyFX · 8 hours ago
  • Crude Oil Price Forecast – Crude Oil Markets Await OPEC FX Empire · 1 day ago
  • Crude Oil Price Forecast – Crude Oil Markets Looking for Buyers FX Empire · 2 days ago
  • Saudis Forecast to Cut Oil Price to Asia as Competition Heats Up · 23 hours ago
  • Crude oil price around the moving average – Analysis - 29-11-2023 · 23 hours ago

    Natural Gas 2.80(USD/MMBtu)

  • UGI natural gas prices dropping WNEP UGI Utilities announced its purchased gas cost rates will decrease on Friday, December 1. 1 day ago
  • Natural Gas Price Forecast – Natural Gas Markets Bounce From Trendline Early FX Empire · 13 hours ago
  • Mild Weather Forecasts Keep Pressure on Natural Gas The Wall Street Journal · 1 day ago
  • Natural Gas Futures Weighed Down Early as Cold Seen Fading into December Natural Gas Intelligence · 1 day ago
  • Mainers will pay $30 less per month on average for electricity in 2024 The Portland Press Herald The standard-offer rate for Central Maine Power customers will decrease by 35%; Versant Power customers will see a 24% drop. 9 hours ago
  • Natural Gas Rig Counts Stabilize and Production Powers Up, Pointing to 'Massive' Oversupply into 2024 Natural Gas Intelligence The combination of relatively soft weather-driven demand and record production put the U.S. natural gas market on a path to price-pressuring... 13 hours ago
  • Natural Gas Futures: Rebound in the offing FXStreet Considering advanced prints from CME Group for natural gas futures markets, open interest resumed the decline and shrank by around 17.7K... 1 day ago
  • Despite Subdued Prices, Haynesville Natural Gas Producers Ramp Up Activity in November Natural Gas Intelligence Counter to rig count trends over much of 2023, natural gas production in the Haynesville Shale proved robust through the first half of... 1 day ago

    Cocking Coal 2,115.00(CNY/MT)

  • Nippon Steel to hunt for more coking coal, iron ore assets-executive Reuters Although the gain was one-off, the unit will continue to hedge LNG prices to avoid risk of price volatility, Mori said. ($1 = 147.2100 yen). 10 hours ago
  • India to step up coking coal shipments from Russia -sources Reuters Last month, prices for Australian coking coal jumped 50% to over ... But stringent economic sanctions against Moscow over the war in Ukraine... 1 day ago
  • Coking coal stays rangebound amid tight supply Kallanish Australian fob coking coal prices were rangebound during the week ended 24 November amid tight supply. Kallanish assessed premium hard... 5 days ago
  • CISA: Coking coal purchase cost in China up 8.35% in Oct from Sept SteelOrbis In October alone, the weighted-average purchase costs of coking coal, metallurgical coke, Chinese domestic production iron ore fines (dry basis)... 19 hours ago
  • Glencore coal deal shows power of fossil fuels - even on their way out Reuters Coking coal prices rose this year to above $300 a tonne due to tight supply and optimism that the global economy will avoid a deep recession. 2 weeks ago
  • India to seek steady coking coal supplies from Australia -sources Reuters Last month, prices for Australian coking coal jumped 50% to over $350 a metric ton due to factors such as maintenance outages, lower than usual... 2 weeks ago
  • India's SAIL wants to increase coking coal purchases from Russia Reuters Indian steel companies are planning to raise prices of various grades of steel due to rising import costs of coking coal, Reuters reported last... 3 weeks ago
  • Indonesia aims to start collecting levies from coal miners in January Reuters Officials said when global prices of coal are high, some miners would ... Coking coal miners will be excluded from the scheme, Arifin said... 1 week ago

    Gold 2,045.05(USD/t oz.)

  • Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD Breaks Out to Multi-Year Resistance · 10 hours ago
  • Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD extends its rally near $2,050 ahead of Chinese PMI data FXStreet · 4 hours ago
  • Why Gold Prices Are Rising The Wall Street Journal · 1 day ago
  • Gold price November 29, 2023 USA Today The price of gold traded at $2039.17 per troy ounce, as of 9 a.m. ET. That's up 0.87% since yesterday's gold price per ounce and up 10.88%... 13 hours ago
  • Gold price November 28, 2023 USA Today The price of gold traded at $2021.51 per troy ounce, as of 9 a.m. ET. That's up 0.50% since yesterday's gold price per ounce and up 9.92%... 1 day ago
  • India Gold price today: Gold jumps, according to MCX data FXStreet Gold prices rose in India on Wednesday, according to data from India's Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX). 23 hours ago
  • India Gold price today: Gold regains upside traction, according to MCX data FXStreet Gold prices rose in India on Tuesday, according to data from India's Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX). 1 day ago
  • Gold Prices Are Headed for Record Highs and May Eventually Hit $2,500 Markets Insider This Thanksgiving may call for a feast on gold as prices push towards all-time highs, according to Fundstrat's Mark Newton. 1 week ago

    Silver 25.44(USD/t oz.)

  • Silver Price Forecast – Silver Continues To See Buoyancy FX Empire · 1 day ago
  • Silver Price Analysis: XAG/USD bulls have the upper hand, remains on track to conquer $25.00 FXStreet · 1 day ago
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  • Silver Price Analysis: XAG/USD remains bullish, though faces strong resistance at around $24.90 FXStreet · 2 days ago

    Platinum 937.02(USD/t oz.)

  • Platinum price hits the first target – Analysis – 29-11-2023 Platinum price took advantage of the stability of 911.00 support line, forming strong bullish rally and face 50% Fibonacci correction level... 22 hours ago
  • Sibanye to cut nearly 300 jobs at US ops after palladium price fall Reuters Nov 29 (Reuters) - Diversified miner Sibanye Stillwater (SSWJ.J) said on Wednesday it would cut 287 jobs at its U.S platinum group metals... 18 hours ago
  • Low Platinum Prices Show How Banking on Miners Could Threaten ... The Wall Street Journal Plunging prices for platinum and other critical metals could derail mining investment needed to develop new supplies, posing a significant... 2 weeks ago
  • Gold price November 29, 2023 USA Today The price of platinum opened at $930.95 per ounce, as of 9 a.m. That's down 0.04% since yesterday's platinum price per ounce and down 14.00%... 13 hours ago
  • Platinum vs Gold Investment Nomad Capitalist Currently, the price of platinum is around $980 per ounce and can be quite volatile, so it is important to check the most up-to-date prices. You... 4 hours ago
  • Platinum Price Hits Record Discount to Gold | Gold News BullionVault Priced in the US Dollar, platinum has now traded $1000 or more below gold prices every day for almost 6 weeks, beating the run of $1000-per-Troy... 1 week ago
  • Jinchuan's S.African PGM project to cut 75% of workforce amid price ... Reuters The price for major PGMs platinum and palladium, which are mainly used by automakers to curb emissions, are down about 11% and 40% so far... 2 days ago
  • Impala Platinum to cut spending after metal price decline Reuters The prices of platinum group metals (PGM), which are used by automakers for catalysts that help curb toxic emissions, have fallen steeply this... 1 month ago

    Palladium 1,028.09(USD/t oz.)

  • Sibanye to cut nearly 300 jobs at US ops after palladium price fall Reuters The palladium price has plunged nearly 40% so far this year, particularly hit by weak demand in China, while primary metal platinum is down 14%. 18 hours ago
  • Sibanye Cuts US Jobs to Lower Costs After Palladium Price Slumps Sibanye Stillwater Ltd. plans to cut jobs at its US platinum-group metals operations to lower costs, after palladium prices slumped this year,... 18 hours ago
  • Sibanye-Stillwater to cut 287 jobs at US mine as palladium halves Miningmx THE grim prospects for the palladium price has forced Sibanye-Stillwater into a fresh round of restructuring at its US mine Stillwater... 17 hours ago
  • Sibanye Cuts US Jobs to Lower Costs After Palladium Price Slumps plans to restructure its US platinum-group metals operations to lower costs, after palladium prices slumped this year. It's the latest sign that... 18 hours ago
  • Palladium's slide accelerates on prospects for surplus next year Reuters Nov 10 (Reuters) - Palladium prices have tumbled to five-year lows ... In March 2022, palladium was trading at more than double the price of... 3 weeks ago
  • Sibanye weighs more changes at US palladium mines as prices fall Reuters The major PGMs, platinum and palladium, are down about 14% and 38% respectively this year, with palladium prices near $1,110 an ounce on... 4 weeks ago
  • Gold price November 29, 2023 USA Today The price of palladium is $1,029.70 per ounce, as of 9 a.m. That's down 3.35% since yesterday's palladium price per ounce and down 42.70% year... 13 hours ago
  • Palladium, nickel prices fall as supply chains cut Russia exposure Nikkei Asia "Palladium used to be less expensive than platinum, so I expect palladium to bottom out at around $800-$900 per troy ounce, which would be below... 1 week ago

    Copper 3.84(USd/lb.)

  • Copper price gets boost from positive news Recycling Today In addition to the softer dollar, Reuters reports that LME copper prices rose to their highest in nearly eight weeks Nov. 20 fueled by hopes of... 2 days ago
  • Copper price moves between the barriers – Analysis – 29-11-2023 Copper price surrendered to the stability of the sideways track support line at 3.7400, to move towards 3.8100 barrier and settle below it,... 22 hours ago
  • METALS-London copper prices climb as softer dollar lifts demand Nasdaq BEIJING, Nov 28 (Reuters) - Copper prices in London climbed on Tuesday as the dollar slid to a three-month low, making the greenback-priced... 2 days ago
  • Commodity Capsule: Gold surged to nearly $2050, copper price were flat Zee Business Copper prices were flat near the $8,500 a tonne level on Wednesday, hovering near 3 month high Supply disruptions in Peru and Panama helped ease... 17 hours ago
  • Gold, Copper Climb as Fedspeak Boosts Bets on Interest-Rate Cuts Yahoo Finance Gold, Copper Climb as Fedspeak Boosts Bets on Interest-Rate Cuts. Yvonne Yue Li. Tue, November 28, 2023 at 1:37 PM PST ·2 min read. (Bloomberg) -- Gold... 1 day ago
  • India gold prices at all time high 62600 Moneycontrol Gold, copper climb as Fedspeak boosts bets on interest-rate cuts. Gold extended gains to its highest level since May while copper advanced as... 1 day ago
  • Panama to shut one of world's largest copper mines after court ruling Financial Times The protests have come amid a growing backlash against the mining industry throughout Latin America. Copper prices were driven upwards on... 1 day ago
  • Copper prices inched lower as market awaiting more data guidance ... SMM Trading volume was 13,000 lots and open interest stood at 266,000 lots. The most active SHFE 2401 copper contract prices opened at 68010 yuan/mt and closed at... 2 days ago

    3Mo Aluminum 2,214.00(USD/MT)

  • CRU Aluminum: Negotiating Tariffs and Sustainability in the US-EU ... Steel Market Update The London Metal Exchange (LME) aluminum 3-month price is moving down again on the morning of Nov. 10 and was last seen trading at $2,225... 3 weeks ago
  • SMM Morning Comment For SHFE Base Metals November 29 ... Metal Due to the influence of macro sentiment, copper prices will move strongly in the near future. Aluminum Overnight, the most-traded SHFE 2401 aluminum contract... 1 day ago
  • Hindalco Industries Share Price Live Updates: Hindalco Industries Sees Slight Price Increase of 0.32% To... The Economic Times Hindalco Industries , a leading aluminum manufacturing company, is currently trading at a price of Rs 515.35. ... Price, Delivers Strong 3-Month... 15 hours ago
  • These Walmart Cyber Monday 2023 deals are still on for Tuesday CBS News Ultimate game and a 3-month Nintendo Switch Online Individual Membership (a $67 value). ... The must-have set is made with quick-heating aluminum... 2 days ago
  • CRU Aluminum: Metal Price Volatility Remains a Common Market ... Steel Market Update The LME aluminum 3-month price moved higher this week wrapping up the week at $2,170 per ton on Aug. 25. With the price back above a support... 3 months ago
  • Commodity Capsule: Brent crude and gold steady; copper rises | Watch video Zee Business 1, as smelters in Yunnan province trimmed production due to limited hydropower sources. Citi research sees 0-3 month point price for aluminum at... 4 weeks ago
  • CRU Aluminum: Curiously, LME Moves Higher and Midwest Drifts ... Steel Market Update The LME aluminum 3-month price was up 4.7% during the last week of the month to close September trading at $2,325 per metric ton – its... 2 months ago
  • CRU Aluminum: UAW Strikes and Slowing Trailer Build Rates Lower ... Steel Market Update The LME aluminum 3-month price was stable on the morning of Oct. 13, trading at $2,201 per tonne at that time. The market is under negative... 1 month ago

    3Mo Zinc 2,501.00(USD/MT)

  • SMM Morning Comment For SHFE Base Metals November 29 ... Metal ... three months. The fall of the US dollar and ... Some refineries have already experienced losses, and the cost will give certain support to zinc prices. 1 day ago
  • LME official prices Business Recorder ... 3-month 8401.00 8403.00 ========================================= ZINC ========================================= CONTRACT BID OFFER ---------... 2 days ago
  • Oil Updates – prices sputter near 3-month lows as demand concerns ... Arab News ... copper, zinc, phosphate, bauxite, and other industrial minerals. These successes also involve strategic plans for exploiting these resources, issuing a... 3 weeks ago
  • Newmont (NEM): A Smart Investment or a Value Trap? An In-Depth ... GuruFocus ... Price-to-Free-Cash-Flow, adjusted for the ... The company also produces significant amounts of copper, silver, zinc, and lead as byproducts. 1 day ago
  • Markets Daily Action Forex LME on warrant zinc stocks rose by a hefty 56% to the highest since 2021 and nickel prices hit fresh two-year lows with Macquarie noting “an... 1 week ago
  • Buy or sell: Vaishali Parekh recommends three stocks to buy today — September 29 | Mint Mint ... Zinc; SilverM; CrudeOil; GoldGinuea; Lead. CryptoCurrencies. View ... Price · TCS Share Price · Infosys Share Price · HUL Share Price. Back. Share... 2 months ago
  • Oil prices score 3-month highs on tighter supplies, Brent reclaims $83/bbl-mark justifying OPEC's April decision | Mint Mint Oil prices score 3-month highs on tighter supplies, Brent reclaims $83/bbl-mark justifying OPEC's April decision. 3 min read 25 Jul 2023, 07:36... 4 months ago
  • Hindustan Zinc Share Price Today Live Updates: Hindustan Zinc Sees Minor Decline in Price, 3-Month Retur... The Economic Times Hindustan Zinc Share Price Today Live Updates: Hindustan Zinc Sees Minor Decline in Price, 3-Month Returns Remain Positive. 06:01:53 PM IST , 29... 3 months ago

    3Mo Tin 23,501.00(USD/MT)

  • SMM Morning Comment For SHFE Base Metals November 29 ... Metal ... 3-month low of 15965 yuan/mt. ... Broadly speaking, the transactions in the spot market were relatively brisk yesterday as lower tin price attracted downstream... 1 day ago
  • 55 Gifts To Buy At Amazon This Cyber Monday BuzzFeed Price: $18.24 for the hippo (originally $34.99) and $19.16 for the ... I love that it comes in a metal tin, so I don't have to worry about... 2 days ago
  • Tantalex Lithium Resources Concludes with Glencore for Lithium ... Junior Mining Network Each loan bears interest at rate equal to 3 month CME Term SOFR plus a margin. ... tin, tantalum and other high-tech mineral properties in Africa. 2 weeks ago
  • Share Market Highlights 16 November 2023: Sensex gains 307 pts, Nifty closes above 19,750; IT stocks shine The Hindu BusinessLine ... 3-month high. Cooling inflation data across the globe from Asia to Europe ... “LME tin price rallied somewhat this (last) week, approaching... 2 weeks ago
  • VettaFi Voices On: 2023’s Record Crop of New ETFs ETF Trends Rowe Price brought out the T. Rowe Price Capital Appreciation Equity ... Tin, lead, coffee, cotton… I know those are tactical plays and they... 4 weeks ago
  • Tin likely to edge higher on looming supply crunch The Hindu Business Line Currently, the 3-month tin contract is quoted at ... The upside risk to tin price could be a stronger pickup in Chinese tin demand in the coming. 2 months ago
  • Myanmar Tin Prices Steeply Increase Over Potential Closure of Mines Mintec ... prices to rise since June. Consequently, the 3-month LME tin price rose to $28,387/MT in July, up 8% month-on-month, representing a 14% year... 3 months ago
  • The Future for Fiat SchiffGold In its debt interest forecast, the CBO estimated the net interest rate to be 2.7%. At the time the forecast was published, the 3-month T-bill... 4 weeks ago

    Nickel 16,660.00(USD/MT)

  • METALS-Nickel jumps as Indonesian price uncertainty triggers short ... Nasdaq Updates prices, adds quotes, details. Nov 29 (Reuters) - Nickel prices surged on Wednesday, with the Shanghai contract jumping the most in... 20 hours ago
  • Key Takeaway From SMM Southeast Asia Nickel-Chromium ... Metal Non-Indonesian prices do not reflect the real situation of the Indonesian nickel industry. Competition for high-grade nickel ore from Indonesia is gradually... 1 day ago
  • Shanghai nickel hits 14-month low amid weak demand MarketScreener Other base metals prices were mixed on Monday as investors turned their focus to U.S. inflation data, due Thursday. U.S. inflation is expected... 3 days ago
  • LME wins High Court ruling over cancelled nickel trades Financial Times ... nickel market last year, when prices more than tripled in one day. ... The nickel price surge, over the space of a few hours in March 2022... 17 hours ago
  • Ruling due on Wednesday in nickel trades lawsuit against LME Yahoo Finance The 146-year-old exchange said it had no choice but to cancel $12 billion of nickel trades when prices of the metal used to make stainless steel... 1 day ago
  • LME Wins Nickel Crisis Case as UK Rules Against Elliott Elliott sought to have the cancellation declared unlawful, claiming the decisions cost it more than $450 million. ... Nickel prices initially... 17 hours ago
  • Nickel price at lowest since 2021 on oversupply concerns - MINING ... Nickel price picked as 2017 winner. Slag tapping at Glencore's Sudbury Nickel Smelter. Image: Glencore. Nickel prices reached their lowest... 6 days ago
  • Palladium, nickel prices fall as supply chains cut Russia exposure Nikkei Asia Three-month nickel futures hit a price of $16,710 per ton at one point on the London Metal Exchange Monday. The international benchmark fell to... 1 week ago

    Steel 587.00(USD/MT)

  • Tata Steel, JSW Steel, SAIL shares gain more than 1%. Softening of steel price, rising input costs still a concern. | Mint Mint Looking at the rising international iron ore prices, country's largest iron-ore producer NMDC also has taken price hikes. The same could put... 20 hours ago
  • North American Steel Ratings Supported by Improved Operational ... Fitch Ratings ... steel price environment, following a period of historically high prices in 2021-2022. Contact: William Van Meerbeke, CFA Director +1 646 582... 10 hours ago
  • Nucor increases sheet prices, seeks $1100/ton HRC Steel Market Update Michael Cowden is managing editor for Steel Market Update. Cowden has covered the steel industry since 2007. He has since 2014 specialized in... 2 days ago
  • Steel Prices Rise As Supply Tightens Yahoo Finance Via Metal Miner. The Raw Steels Monthly Metals Index (MMI) rose 2.53% from September to October. Roughly six weeks ago, U.S. steel prices... 3 weeks ago
  • Steelmaker ArcelorMittal Halts Bosnia Steel Plant Amid Demand Slump Oil Price ... price-cost effects and a -3.7% sequential decrease in steel shipments to 13.7 MT. The company claims this led to a drop in operating income... 6 hours ago
  • Nippon Steel to hunt for more coking coal, iron ore assets-executive Reuters About 60% of Nippon Steel's products are sold for term customers with a mechanism that adjusts selling prices to raw materials costs, but 40%... 10 hours ago
  • US steelmakers set for strong start to 2024 as UAW strike fuels price ... Reuters Spot prices for hot-rolled coil (HRC), the most actively traded form of finished steel, have climbed to around $950 per short ton (st) currently... 2 weeks ago
  • Nippon Steel (NISTF) Price Target Increased by 7.57% to 26.78 Nasdaq The average one-year price target for Nippon Steel (OTC:NISTF) has been revised to 26.78 / share. This is an increase of 7.57% from the... 1 day ago

    Corn 4.76(USd/bu.)

  • Corn price prospects with 2-billion-bushel carryover - Corn price ... Farm Progress Corn beginning stocks and that season's average real cash farm price ($2023) ... Lower corn prices could stimulate increased corn use. But... 14 hours ago
  • Looking Ahead To 2024: Corn, Soybeans Show No Rush DTN Progressive Farmer DTN's National Corn Index of cash prices closed at $4.40 Friday, Nov. 25, so when we look at December 2024 corn trading near $5.10,... 2 days ago
  • COLUMN-US soybean ledger oddly tight versus corn, acreage shift ... Nasdaq But there were no such extenuating circumstances in 2023-24, suggesting market prices late last year and early this year were too heavily... 15 hours ago
  • Corn prices trend lower as harvest wraps up Farm and Dairy The end of November is normally not a great time for grain price changes, and we are proving the normal this year. 8 hours ago
  • Michigan corn harvest delayed, complications arise during a ... WEYI But still, when you have 25 plus moisture, corn is pretty expensive to dry. And cost is almost prohibitive. So guys have kind of let it out... 1 day ago
  • Corn price touches the previous low – Analysis - 29-11-2023 Corn price continued to decline to touch 470.60 level, starting today with new negativity to support the chances of surpassing this level... 23 hours ago
  • Corn closes up 2¢ | Wednesday, November 29, 2023 Successful Farming "We recently saw wheat prices fall to fresh multi-year lows on reports that China asked France to delay shipments of wheat it had previously... 12 hours ago
  • Drop in grain prices may lead to stronger corn and soybean demand ... Morningstar Corn futures recently hit their lowest price in nearly three years, while wheat and soybean futures fell to their lowest settlements since 2021. 2 weeks ago

    Wheat 5.88(USd/bu.)

  • Wheat price tests the resistance – Analysis - 29-11-2023 Wheat price provided clear positive trades to test the key resistance 572.00, accompanied by stochastic loss to the positive momentum... 23 hours ago
  • Global surplus hits 2023 wheat prices | Farm News Farmers Guardian Global surplus hits 2023 wheat prices. International factors are driving the grain market, with the prospect of more Black Sea wheat and a delayed order for... 14 hours ago
  • Analyst Insight: Grain Market Outlook Conference presents picture of ... AHDB After assessing the full economic cost of production, we can forecast margins for harvest 2023 and harvest 2024. Your prices and yields might... 13 hours ago
  • Corn closes up 2¢ | Wednesday, November 29, 2023 Successful Farming "We recently saw wheat prices fall to fresh multi-year lows on ... "Corn on the other hand can't find its footing and price continues to fall. 12 hours ago
  • Wheat Prices and the Instability of One-Way Markets DTN Progressive Farmer For the first seven months of 2023, March KC wheat prices experienced normal two-way trade with buyers and sellers trading prices in a range... 5 days ago
  • Wheat Prices On The European Market Barron's Wheat prices on European market. Futures prices per tonne, in euros. The Barron's news department was not involved in the creation of the... 12 hours ago
  • GIEWS Country Brief: Tunisia 29-November-2023 - Tunisia ReliefWeb ... wheat due to more attractive wheat prices. Despite favourable rains at planting time, rainfall was erratic and insufficient for the rest of... 12 hours ago
  • Egypt buys nearly half a million tons of Russian wheat in private deal Grainnet Traders have told Reuters the price could possibly be below an unofficial floor set by Russia's government to control domestic wheat prices. 1 week ago

    Oats 3.62(USd/bu.)

  • Why does oat milk cost more than dairy milk? I'm at the mercy of other prices for other agricultural commodities,” Malone said, explaining that the price of other crops can lead farmers to... 2 weeks ago
  • Oat cash prices don't immediately follow CBOT movement Farmtario CBOT December 2023 oats with cash contract price overlay (brown line). (Barchart). MarketsFarm — While oats on the Chicago Board of Trade... 1 month ago
  • Closing Grain Prices Wednesday, November 29 – 620 CKRM 620 CKRM Durum 470.05. Feed barley 262.58. Canola 651.82. Chickpeas 1168.44. Flax 621.04. Lentils 797.50. Oats 296.32. Yellow Peas 376.19. 8 hours ago
  • Rising from the Oats: Unraveling the Potential Behind Oatly's (OTLY ... Nasdaq Stop right there. If you don't know Oatly, the first thing you'll probably do is to pull up its price chart. And at that point, you... 1 week ago
  • We Tested And Ranked 13 Barista Milks In Our Lattes Tasting Table This shelf-stable, certified organic oat milk is one of the more expensive options, with prices ranging from $6 to $7 per 32-ounce carton. The... 4 days ago
  • Commodities Set to Rally as Weaker Dollar, El Nino and Disruptions ... ... oats. The primary drivers for this trend are weather conditions and ... Rice Price Chart. In recent years, India has become one... 18 hours ago
  • CAC40 : frozen at 7270, lack of volume, OAT rates on the rise MarketScreener "Last year, after the surge in energy prices, the composite PMI for the eurozone fell to 47.3, raising fears of a contraction in activity", they... 6 days ago
  • 5 best high protein oats for a healthy breakfast Healthshots Quaker Oats offer 100 percent wholegrain oats to pack in a nutritious ... Their price and availability may differ from the time of publication. 3 days ago

    Rough Rice 17.47(USD/cwt)

  • Tight global rice supply to persist into next year Inquirer Business ... rough rice futures in 2024. FEATURED STORIES. BUSINESS. DPWH ramps up ... So far, rice prices have averaged $16.39 per cwt since the beginning... 9 hours ago
  • CME Announces Resetting of Price Limits for Grain, Oilseed, Lumber DTN Progressive Farmer ... rough rice. CME noted, "The new methodology is a more flexible, transparent and market based price-limit setting mechanism. It would allow price... 1 month ago
  • Britain’s biggest gas storage site switches on amid cold snap Yahoo News UK ... Rough contributes more than 50% of the UK's total gas storage. ... Brisk export orders stoke new season basmati rice prices in India. 7... 1 day ago
  • OPEC+ talks tough, policy rollover possible, sources say Yahoo Sport UK A rough patch on the road to an electric car future. a day ago. Reuters. Brisk export orders stoke new season basmati rice prices in India. a... 1 day ago
  • Global rice prices surge close to 12-year highs, and could rise even more CNBC Rice prices surged to their highest in almost 12 years, according to the United Nations' food agency. · The Food and Agriculture Organization (... 3 months ago
  • India's rice export ban could send decade-high prices spiking even further CNBC Women planting rice seedlings in a paddy field in India's northeastern state of Assam, July 5, 2023. Xinhua News Agency | Xinhua News Agency |... 4 months ago
  • Indian rice exporter KRBL posts Q2 profit drop on weak demand MarketScreener India, the world's biggest exporter of rice, had imposed a $1,200 per ton minimum export price ... Chart Rough Rice Future (ZR) - CBE/C1. :... 3 weeks ago
  • A Rough Rice Retrospective: Supply and Demand in 2022 CME Group Reflecting the inflationary zeitgeist, CBOT Rough Rice futures prices hover high as of late. High input costs, complicated transit,... 10 months ago

    Soybean 13.49(USd/bu.)

  • Corn Futures Retreat while Soybean Futures Hold Ground AgWeb Soybeans. Technicals (January). January soybean futures got hit hard in the final two sessions of last week's holiday trade. That weakness... 2 days ago
  • Soybean commentary: Futures broadly steady amid mixed influence AgriCensus CME soybean futures were broadly stable on Wednesday, after gaining 18 c/bu on Tuesday, while market participants kept an eye on South... 8 hours ago
  • GRAINS-Soybeans dip even as dry weather hits Brazilian supply ... Nasdaq Adds analyst comment, details and updates prices. CANBERRA, Nov 29 (Reuters) - Chicago soybean futures shed on Wednesday some of the gains... 21 hours ago
  • Soy Gaining For Tuesday Soybean Oil futures were 35 to 77 points lower across the board. Export Inspections data released yesterday morning showed soybean shipments at... 2 days ago
  • Corn, soybean farmers reluctant to sell at current prices, says CoBank Michigan Farm News CoBank predicts farmers will be more willing to sell on price rallies over $5 per bushel for corn and $14 per bushel for soybeans. 2 days ago
  • Looking Ahead To 2024: Corn, Soybeans Show No Rush DTN Progressive Farmer DTN's National Corn Index of cash prices closed at $4.40 Friday, Nov. 25, so when we look at December 2024 corn trading near $5.10,... 2 days ago
  • Periodic Updates on the Grains, Livestock Futures Markets DTN Progressive Farmer OMAHA (DTN) -- As we near Wednesday's close, March corn is up 2 cents per bushel, January soybeans are up 1/4 cent, March KC wheat is up 17... 9 hours ago
  • Soybean price returns to the bullish track – Analysis - 29-11-2023 Soybean price ended yesterday with clear positivity to breach 1348.30 and settles above it, which pushes the price back to the bullish track... 23 hours ago

    Canola 705.90(CAD/MT)

  • ICE Midday: Canola takes a step upward The Western Producer One trader said that canola's rise is going against fundamentals and price movement in the Chicago soy complex. The trader also mentioned that local... 11 hours ago
  • The Daily — Farm income, 2022 (revised data) Statistique Canada Canola prices rose 38.9% from their average 2021 level, more than ... In 2022, price increases helped hog receipts grow 4.4% to $6.5 billion. 1 day ago
  • SA expecting record canola harvest as demand for 'healthier ... News24 According to canola producers, farmers produced greater yields due to favourable weather conditions and decreased prices in oil and canola seeds... 4 days ago
  • Beans Rally With Export Announcement And Crude Oil Canadian Canola Prices are $11 CAD stronger on the day. Estimates ... Price Idx. ZSH24, 1365-4s, +0-6, +0.05%. Soybean. ZSK24, 1378-6s, +0-4, +... 1 day ago
  • Canola meal makes milk on Canadian dairy farms Grainews These are straightforward feed costs to review when formulating canola meal as a nutritious yet economical ingredient in lactating dairy diets. 5 days ago
  • Soy oil price continues to slide The Western Producer “If that's true, that would also take some of the wind out of the soybean oil and canola price,” said Hultman. Rabobank senior grains and... 4 weeks ago
  • ICE Canola Midday: Market-wide selloff pulling down prices The Western Producer Approximately 14,300 canola contracts were traded as of 10:21 CST. Prices in Canadian dollars per metric tonne at 10:21 CST: Price Change Canola Jan 708.00... 2 weeks ago
  • Canola prices in bittersweet decline The Weekly Times Australian canola prices have fallen by about $200 a tonne in the past few weeks despite some promising results at harvest. 4 weeks ago

    Cocoa 4,273.00(USD/MT)

  • Cocoa Prices Continue Higher on Global Cocoa Supply Fears Nasdaq Cocoa prices on Wednesday settled higher, with Mar NY cocoa posting a contract high and nearest-futures (CCZ23) posting a 46-year high. 8 hours ago
  • Cocoa prices rise to highest in 46 years in New York MarketScreener The March New York cocoa contract rose $71, or 1.7%, to $4,201 a metric ton after touching a peak of $4,219, the highest price since September... 1 day ago
  • Global cocoa prices remain 'bullish' according to latest ICCO figures Confectionery Production The International Cocoa Organisation, (ICCO), has released its latest figures revealing that stock market trading prices for the key... 2 days ago
  • Chocolate makers warned to plan ahead as price of cocoa remains ... Confectionery News Similarly, at the London closing time, cocoa futures prices in New York rose by 9% from US$3,500 per tonne to US$3,822 per tonne. In its report,... 2 weeks ago
  • Hershey loses bull rating at Piper Sandler due to rising cocoa costs Seeking Alpha Analyst Michael Lavery warned that supply shortages due to heavy rains in Ivory Coast are driving up cocoa costs. He sees that pressure... 14 hours ago
  • Cocoa Prices Rally On Limited Global Supplies Cocoa prices Thursday closed moderately higher, with NY posting a 45-year nearest futures high and London cocoa posting a record high. Tight... 3 weeks ago
  • E-News | Enjoy cookies and cocoa with Santa WVU ENews Pricing is $25 for adults and $10 for children ages 4-12. Children under 4 are free. Registration is open through Friday, Dec. 8, or until... 14 hours ago
  • Global cocoa shortage causing chocolate price hike as Billings ... KTVQ ... cocoa shortage forced the price of chocolate to surge. Despite those rising costs, ghouls and goblins took over downtown Billings on Tuesday... 1 month ago

    Coffee 1.73(USd/lb.)

  • Coffee Price Slip on Forecasts for Rain in Brazil Nasdaq Shrinking ICE coffee inventories are bullish for coffee prices and pushed Mar arabica to a 1-1/2 week high Tuesday and nearest-futures (Z23) up... 10 hours ago
  • Why is coffee so expensive? How prices for your latte have risen. Washington Post It's not your imagination — coffee prices have gone up. Here's why. Coffee spilling out of an overturned white mug that has watercolor paintings... 3 weeks ago
  • Get a Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso Maker for the lowest price ever The coffee machine with a Nespresso Aeroccino3 milk frother is discounted by 30% off, bringing the price down from $229 to $160. Although this... 2 days ago
  • SOFTS-Arabica coffee prices jump 3.5%, cocoa also climbs Nasdaq Adds comments and closing prices. NEW YORK, Nov 2 (Reuters) - Arabica coffee futures on ICE rose sharply on Thursday as exchange stocks... 4 weeks ago
  • Coffee Prices Settle Sharply Higher on Excessive Heat in Brazil Nasdaq Shrinking ICE coffee inventories is supportive of coffee prices. ICE-monitored arabica coffee inventories Tuesday fell to a 24-year low of... 2 weeks ago
  • This bean-to-cup coffee machine is down to a tasty price Trusted Reviews Amazon is offering a 15% discount on the price of this compact bean-to-cup coffee machine from Siemens. The Siemens EQ 300 Bean to Cup is... 15 hours ago
  • Coffee Prices Close Lower on the Outlook for Increased Supplies ... ... coffee and the second-largest producer of robusta coffee. Abundant rain in Brazil is supportive of coffee yields and bearish for coffee prices. 3 weeks ago
  • Nestlé research reveals 1 in 4 coffee drinkers don't know where their ... Nestle UK The OnePoll research went on to explore what influences shoppers when they're buying coffee – and found that price, coffee type and flavour... 10 hours ago

    Sugar 0.27(USd/lb.)

  • Sugar prices are rising worldwide after bad weather tied to El Nino ... AP News Skyrocketing sugar prices left Ishaq Abdulraheem with few choices. Increasing the cost of bread would mean declining sales, so the Nigerian... 1 week ago
  • Sugar Prices Retreat On Weakness In Crude Oil ... sugar as WTI crude (CLF24) fell more than -1%. Weak crude prices undercut ethanol prices and may prompt global sugar mills to divert cane... 5 days ago
  • Sugar Prices Slip on Weakness in the Brazilian Real Nasdaq ... sugar exports is a major bullish factor for sugar prices. On Aug 23, Reuters reported that India is considering banning its sugar mills from... 1 week ago
  • International and US consumer prices for sugar | FRED Blog FRED Blog The International Monetary Fund (IMF) uses data on sugar No. 11 futures contracts from Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) to report this price in... 2 days ago
  • Sugar Prices Fall as Conab Raises its 2023/24 Brazil Sugar ... Nasdaq Sugar prices on Wednesday closed moderately lower, with NY sugar falling to a 4-week low. Increased sugar production in Brazil should alleviate... 8 hours ago
  • No scope to reduce sugar price: Commerce minister The Business Standard There is no scope to reduce sugar price at present amid the rising dollar price, while production and import of the essential commodity has... 15 hours ago
  • Sugar price resumes the decline – Analysis - 29-11-2023 Sugar price bounced bearishly after testing 26.74 level in the previous sessions, to keep the bearish trend valid for the upcoming period,... 23 hours ago
  • Sugar Program: Alternative Methods for Implementing Import ... Government Accountability Office The U.S. sugar program creates net costs to the economy, because higher sugar prices created by the program cost consumers more than producers... 1 month ago

    Orange Juice 4.11(USd/lb.)

  • Orange juice prices hit all-time high amid bleak production outlook Reuters The January contract of frozen concentrated orange juice (FCOJ) on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) hit an all-time high of $4.17 per pound... 1 month ago
  • Orange juice prices continue to break record highs in October FreshPlaza The high price has created interest among speculative traders. The primary driver of the orange juice market dynamics is the supply situation. 4 weeks ago
  • Orange-juice futures suffer their biggest weekly decline in over 6 years after hitting record MarketWatch ... price on record. “The weather is good and the hurricane season is almost over,” Jack Scoville, vice president of The Price Futures Group and... 4 weeks ago
  • We Tested 13 Orange Juices To Find The Best Ones For Breakfast Southern Living Tied: GreenWise Organic Orange Juice. Despite being an organic orange juice, the price point on this beverage was in line with many of the... 1 week ago
  • What orange juice futures tell us about the state of our world CNN The quickly changing prices of wheat, oil and even orange juice and cocoa futures contracts are telling a story about the real-life impact of... 3 weeks ago
  • Grapefruit, orange juice, and other groceries that rose in price in ... Philomath News In October, the cost of groceries rose 0.3% over September prices. A drop in the spring was largely fueled by decreases in eggs—which had risen... 2 weeks ago
  • Juice manufacturers take conscious approach to new products Beverage Industry ... price of orange juice futures have even reached the mainstream financial press,” he says. Beyond traditional juice and juice drink segments... 1 day ago
  • Orange juice prices hit all-time high due to meagre production outlook FreshPlaza Yesterday, orange juice prices rose to the highest since future contracts started trading in New York in 1966. The reason for this rise was the... 1 month ago

    Cotton 0.80(USd/lb.)

  • New Cotton Price Lows, More Demand Woes Cotton Grower The prior week's price rally was met with failure in this week's trading as the nearby December futures contract fell below the important 80-82 cent support... 3 weeks ago
  • Cotton prices drop in several markets The Hindu With the cotton prices remaining subdued due to lack of demand, the Cotton Corporation of India (CCI) has purchased nearly two lakh bales of... 4 days ago
  • A Better Week, as Lower Cotton Prices Lift Exports Cotton Grower Cotton prices held the line in weekly trading as last week's low prices encouraged good export sales. That, coupled with government released... 1 week ago
  • Texas Tech market specialist calls current cotton market ‘weak’ KCBD ... cotton, but... 2 days ago
  • Shurley: Cotton Prices Lose Support, Now What? Cotton Grower A friend posted recently on Facebook about the horrendous decline in cotton price to 75 cents. Here is my posted response: “When it gets bad... 2 weeks ago
  • India's historic droughts drive up sugar and cotton prices Nikkei Asia ... cotton, raising the specter of prolonged food price inflation. Benchmark raw-sugar futures in New York jumped to a roughly 12-year high of... 1 month ago
  • Will Cotton Rejoin The Soft Commodity Rally In 2024? With 2024 on the horizon and the bullish price action in the other soft commodities, we could see cotton prices rally as seasonal strength will... 3 days ago
  • With sustainable cotton in fashion, Indian farmers seek fair price Eco-Business They benefited from lower costs, better health and soil, and premium market prices as buyers sought their higher-quality cotton. But they lost... 1 week ago

    Lumber (USD/1000 board feet)

  • Limited supply keeps lumber prices higher: Madison's - Wood ... Canadian Forest Industries November 28, 2023 By Madison's Lumber Reporter. In the week ending November 17, 2023, the price of Western S-P-F 2×4 #2&Btr KD (RL) was US$404 mfbm,... 1 day ago
  • How to solve the unsolvable softwood lumber dispute The Hill ... cost of building homes. The National Lumber and Building Materials ... pricing of softwood lumber.” Even the U.S. Lumber Coalition, which... 9 hours ago
  • 10 Best Lumber Stocks To Invest In 2023 Yahoo Finance In fact, the drop in lumber prices last year was quite hefty as well. The price of 1,000 board feet, which stood at $1,465 in February 2022... 3 days ago
  • U.S. housing demand expected to drive lumber prices higher in 2024 Business in Vancouver Lumber prices have somewhat stabilized this year after years of unusual volatility during the pandemic, making it easier for B.C. forestry... 1 month ago
  • Weyerhaeuser and PotlatchDeltic downgraded at Raymond James ... Weyerhaeuser and PotlatchDeltic downgraded at Raymond James as lumber pricing outlook 'remains challenged'. | Author Sam... 2 days ago
  • Nonresidential building construction overhead and profit markups ... Bureau of Labor Statistics These markup figures are combined with estimated material and installation costs to calculate output price ... lumber prices, which mostly... 1 day ago
  • 3 Wood Stocks Worth Watching Despite a Challenging Industry Yahoo Finance ... lumber prices has been a major concern for the wood industry. Any unusual rise in the cost of lumber products sold by primary producers... 1 day ago
  • Holland & Knight and Greenberg Traurig advise on Masonite/Fleetwood Merger Law Street Media Lumber prices fluctuated widely, with prices crashing to below $260 ... From November 2022 to 2023, the median sale price of non-luxury rose... 16 hours ago

    Rubber 167.90(JPY/kg)

  • Goodyear Tire & Rubber (GT) Price Target Increased by 15.02% to ... Nasdaq The average one-year price target for Goodyear Tire & Rubber (NASDAQ:GT) has been revised to 16.66 / share. This is an increase of 15.02%... 2 days ago
  • Hands-On: The Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Chronograph Hodinkee Featured in this story is the lacquered blue dial on a bracelet and the blue rubber strap, a combo that carries a list price of $14,800. JLc... 9 hours ago
  • China Synthetic Rubber Market Report 2023-2028: A Multi-Billion ... PR Newswire Fluctuations in the prices of these raw materials directly impact the overall cost of synthetic rubber production. Price volatility can... 2 days ago
  • 'Statutory rubber stamp': FERC gas approvals face court battle E&E News He also noted that while environmental groups have advocated for use of the social cost of greenhouse gases to analyze how LNG projects... 16 hours ago
  • Kottayam-Kochi Rubber Market Rates Kottayam-Kochi Rubber Market Rates Kottayam Nov 29 (UNI) Following were the Rubber Market rates announced by the Rubber Board here today per quintal. KOTTAYAM RSS FOUR: 15350 14 hours ago
  • From Cambodia to Thailand, rubber producers brace for new EU rules Nikkei Asia This largely informal trade is facilitated by middlemen who often pay cash on the spot and keep the price above that offered by local processing... 4 weeks ago
  • My Say: Cultivating rubber smallholders for the good of the planet The Edge Malaysia The survival of natural rubber as a smallholder crop is in doubt due to the depressed rubber prices seen over the last couple of years. Rubber... 22 hours ago
  • Rains hit natural rubber production in Kerala The Hindu BusinessLine According to Valy, the prevailing rates for natural rubber in Kerala is unviable for farmers due to the high production cost, while the... 1 day ago

    Ethanol 2.16(USD/gal.)

  • White House stalls ethanol expansion in Midwest amid price concerns Reuters ... price increases offset by utilizing lower-cost ethanol. Advertisement · Scroll to continue. University of Houston energy economist Ed Hirs... 5 days ago
  • Gas prices being lower than usual WTAP If you have a low ... 1 hour ago
  • Iowa gas prices drop 6 cents | News | The current Iowa diesel price is 16 cents lower than the national average of $4.23 per gallon. Wholesale ethanol prices held steady, and are... 7 hours ago
  • RFA Salutes House Introduction of Bipartisan Flex Fuel Fairness Act Renewable Fuels Association ... Ethanol in the ClassroomDays of Summer Free Fuel ContestBoating EducationPast Ethanol Promotions ... Click here for locations and a price tracker. 4 hours ago
  • Ethanol versus sugar: Better sugar prices likely to crush Centre’s goal of boosting ethanol production The Indian Express The low availability of sugarcane and better prices of sugar can put a spanner in the central government's works for promoting ethanol... 1 week ago
  • Grain ethanol manufacturers seek up to 16% hike in procurement prices Business Standard In ESY 2022-23, the procurement price of ethanol produced from DFG, as fixed by OMCs, was Rs 64 per litre, and for maize, it was Rs 66.07 per... 6 days ago
  • India braces for 8% sugar output dip as cane crop suffers- trade body Reuters The diversion of sugar towards ethanol will be estimated only after the government declares the annual ethanol procurement price, the ISMA said. 1 month ago
  • Reopening of POET's Cloverdale Facility Reflects Growth of Ethanol ... 95.3 MNC ... ethanol industry. “Recently, we put about $30 million into that plant ... “Bioethanol reduces the price at the pump for the consumer. It... 2 days ago

    Live Cattle 1.73(USd/lb.)

  • Why Cattle Remain in Short Supply Institutional Investor This year's drought is more severe than the 2014 drought and interest rates at the time were lower, as were feeder cattle prices. Those factors... 2 days ago
  • Live Cattle Become Black Friday Sale, Encounter More Liquidation DTN Progressive Farmer To see support return to cattle, a firmer showing of negotiated prices will be an important key, something to watch for in Monday's USDA reports... 2 days ago
  • Is the Low in for Cattle Futures? AgWeb February live cattle futures finally got the price action that Bulls have been looking for, a gap and go morning with some conviction all the... 14 hours ago
  • Cattle Rallying For Turnaround Tuesday Feeder cattle prices are also bouncing for a turnaround Tuesday with 3.1% to 3.6% gains. USDA reported 5.7k head of feeder cattle were sold... 1 day ago
  • CAB Insider: Credit End Meats With CAB® Value-Add Drovers ... Live Cattle futures trading. While a degree of price pessimism is expected when cattle ... cattle prices than the volatile futures market. 14 hours ago
  • Cattle Market Volatility Increasing Risk for Farmers, May Lead to ... American Farm Bureau Federation 23, six days after a bearish Cattle on Feed report, the January Feeder Cattle (Figure 1) contract fell 6.5%, from $252.86/cwt to $236.41/cwt,... 1 month ago
  • Cattle prices up-and-down again according to Canfax Cattle Market ... 620 CKRM Feeder steer and heifer prices in Saskatchewan were mixed, according to the Canfax Cattle Market Update for the week ending November 24. 1 day ago
  • Several Factors Influence Sharp Sell-Off in Live Cattle Following ... DTN Progressive Farmer Larger-than-expected beef production estimates for 2024 influenced the big drop in live cattle prices Thursday, but DTN Lead Analyst Todd... 3 weeks ago

    Feeder Cattle 2.22(USd/lb.)

  • Genetic Merit Pricing: Revolutionizing Feeder Cattle Value Drovers ... pricing feeder cattle. Ken Odde, former Kansas State University animal science department head and group facilitator, believes the Genetic... 2 days ago
  • Why Cattle Remain in Short Supply Institutional Investor This year's drought is more severe than the 2014 drought and interest rates at the time were lower, as were feeder cattle prices. Those factors... 2 days ago
  • Cattle Market Volatility Increasing Risk for Ranchers, May Lead to ... Northern Ag Network The bearish news for cattle producers was higher total cattle on feed. This led to liquidation in the futures market. Higher calf and feeder... 4 weeks ago
  • Strong Feeder Cattle Sales Boost Feedlot Numbers Northern Ag Network ... market calves sooner rather than later this fall. Additionally, strong U.S. feeder cattle prices and drought in Mexico has resulted in sharp... 4 days ago
  • Cattle prices up-and-down again according to Canfax Cattle Market ... 620 CKRM Feeder steer and heifer prices in Saskatchewan were mixed, according to the Canfax Cattle Market Update for the week ending November 24. 1 day ago
  • Shadow of earlier high feeder cattle prices has lifted for lotfeeders ... Beef Central THE nature of lotfeeding cattle means that during periods of substantial livestock price decline, operators are left with animals on their... 1 week ago
  • Cattle Extending Relief Rally Nasdaq Cattle prices are another 32 to 95 cents in the black ... Midday feeder cattle futures are also extending the bounce with $1 to $1.47 gains. 9 hours ago
  • Check out the market report for the week of Nov. 28, 2023. Wisconsin State Farmer Light & Poor Quality Calves: 100.00 & down, heavy discounts on light and poor quality. FEEDER CATTLE: As of 11/09/23 sale. Beef steers under 400... 1 day ago

    Lean Hogs 0.70(USd/lb.)

  • Midweek Gain For Lean Hogs - Stocks USDA's National Average Base Hog price was down by 37 cents to $58.06. The National Pork Carcass Cutout Value was 83 cents weaker on Wednesday... 4 hours ago
  • Midday Hogs Trading Mostly Higher Nasdaq OI in the Dec contract is now 26.3k contracts. USDA's National Average Base Hog price was $2.04 stronger at $61.44. The CME Lean Hog Index... 9 hours ago
  • Weak consumer demand plagues hog sector - Weak consumer ... Feedstuffs ... hog prices, this has not been the case, he pointed out. In fact, the average live price for 51-52% lean hogs marketed in October was $58.08... 1 day ago
  • Pig outlook - Lean hog bulls working on a price rebound The Pig Site December lean hog futures have made a decent rebound from the October low, to suggest a near-term market bottom is in place. However, the bulls have more... 4 weeks ago
  • Hogs Cooling Off On Wednesday The National Average Base Hog price for Wednesday morning was shown at $70.43. The CME Lean Hog Index for 10/27 fell another 44 cents to $77.51. 1 month ago
  • Hog Futures Rallying Nearly 4% so far Nasdaq Thursday's lean hog market shows the board is 20-30 cents off the high at midday, but still $1.52 to $2.77 in the black. 4 weeks ago
  • Periodic Updates on the Grains, Livestock Futures Markets DTN Progressive Farmer The CME lean hog price for Nov. 27 was projected to be $71.66, off $0.67. The National Pork Carcass Cutout Tuesday was off $3.95 at $84.80... 9 hours ago
  • Pig outlook - Lean hog bears seize technical control, 2nd case of ... The Pig Site February lean hog futures Wednesday dropped to a three-week low and prices ... prices, which should keep a floor under present hog and pork price... 1 week ago

    Best Commodities 1yr

    JO1 ComdtyOrange Juice (ICE)USd/lb.99.082.542.5469.3199.8543.56
    CC1 ComdtyCocoa (ICE)USD/MT64.0311.6811.6843.1072.3734.71
    SB1 ComdtySugar #11 (ICE)USd/lb.41.670.410.412.4437.3910.16
    JG1 ComdtyGold (Tokyo)JPY/g22.290.450.4510.2824.408.90
    XAUJPY CurncyGold/Japanese Yen SpotJPY/t oz.22.040.480.4810.2324.218.85

    Worst Commodities 1yr

    NG1 ComdtyNatural Gas (Nymex)USD/MMBtu-24.53-16.17-16.1723.35-50.00-14.75
    XPDUSD CurncyPalladium SpotUSD/t oz.-43.26-8.76-8.76-32.04-45.77-23.83
    LMNIDS03 ComdtyNickelUSD/MT-39.32-8.36-8.36-29.91-38.18-21.20
    C A ComdtyCorn (CBOT)USd/bu.-27.22-0.47-0.47-18.81-25.83-11.40
    LH1 ComdtyLean Hogs (CME)USd/lb.-12.68-1.52-1.52-16.65-22.57-10.57