Key Wool (ASX) News

  • Wool and sheep price report | Wool/Sheep | Capital Press National Wool Review. 2 days ago
  • Market Outlook - Cotton and Wool USDA ERS (.gov) The latest U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates indicate that global cotton production in 2023/24 (August–July) will total 113.0... 3 weeks ago
  • British Farmer's Wool Burning Isn't the 'Protest' It's Made Out to Be Sourcing Journal Jade Bett has made headlines for burning wool from her sheep because of low wool prices, but the practice isn't a protest, she told Sourcing... 1 month ago
  • Australia breaks own record for world's finest wool Reuters A group of Australian wool growers who produce ultra-fine fleece by playing opera to their sheep have beaten their own world record. 3 months ago
  • USDA Announces 2024 Wool and Mohair Marketing Assistance Loan Rates Big Country News USDA Announces 2024 Wool and Mohair Marketing Assistance Loan Rates · Micron Less than 18.6: $4.43 per pound (Clean Basis) · Micron 18.6 to 19.5... 3 months ago
  • Market Outlook - Cotton and Wool USDA ERS (.gov) The Economic Research Service (ERS) conducts a variety of ongoing market outlook activities on the cotton industry. Details on major changes... 3 weeks ago
  • Big brands signing wool contracts with farmers as consumers demand transparent supply chain Australian Broadcasting Corporation Key points: ... Growing consumer demand for transparency is driving a rise in the number of farmers selling their wool to clothing brands, rather... 8 months ago
  • Does AWI’s position on non-mulesed wool match demand? Sheep Central AUSTRALIAN Wool Innovation stance on mulesing's importance in wool marketing has been queried after chairman Jock Laurie's comments in the... 4 months ago
  • Demand Strong; Supply Short Textile World By Jim Phillips, Yarn Market Editor. As the first quarter of 2022 comes to a close, demand for U.S-made ring-spun and open-end yarns remains... 24 months ago
  • The World's Top 10 Wool Producing Countries - WorldAtlas WorldAtlas Obtained primarily from sheep, wool is an essential textile fiber that is used across the world. Whether for clothing, canvas work, carpets,... 15 months ago
  • Low-grade wool dumped in landfill as prices and demand fall amid global slowdown Australian Broadcasting Corporation Australian wool is the latest victim of the global economic slowdown, with prices hitting a three-year low. 8 months ago
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