Key Cocoa (ICE) News

  • Why Cocoa Prices Spiked and What It Means for Chocolate Lovers · 1 day ago
  • Belgium's renowned chocolatiers grapple with soaring cocoa prices · 3 days ago
  • Easter egg prices soar as cocoa crops are hit by climate crisis and exploitation The Guardian · 19 hours ago
  • Chocolate prices to keep rising as West Africa’s cocoa crisis deepens Al Jazeera · 1 day ago
  • Chocoholics Won't Be the Only Victims of Cocoa's Surge · 6 days ago
  • Chocolate is getting more and more expensive — but it's not yet showing signs of destroying demand CNBC Analysts believe the cost of the core ingredient to make chocolate may have room to extend its record-breaking run. Concerns over the supply... 3 weeks ago
  • Mixed supply, demand signals cloud cocoa market outlook A global cocoa bean deficit of around 100,000 tonnes in 2022-23 (about 2% of global production) per the International Cocoa Organization doesn't... 4 months ago
  • Chocoholics Won't Be the Only Victims of Cocoa's Surge In every sustained commodity price rally, there's a moment when fundamentals — supply, demand, inventories — no longer matter. 6 days ago
  • Global cocoa market teetering on the brink of chaos Food Business News KANSAS CITY — Plummeting supply and surging prices have insinuated a meltdown in the chocolate market. And analysts are growing less hopeful... 3 weeks ago
  • Exclusive: African cocoa plants run out of beans as global chocolate crisis deepens Reuters Major African cocoa plants in Ivory Coast and Ghana have stopped or cut processing because they cannot afford to buy beans, four trading... 2 weeks ago
  • As Cocoa Hits Record Highs, Get Exposure With This ETF ETF Trends Cocoa has been reaching record highs as their futures continue surging thanks to supply/demand disruptions. 6 days ago
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