Report: Midlincoln Global Strategy

October 2020

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and all data is available excel

V or W?

V for vaccination

Hope that current economic growth levels will sustain in the fourth quarter

FED is likely to further help the markets

Need election over asap

Each next election is more destabilising then previous

Will democrats print more money than republicans?

Corona rebalancing economy is anti capitalist, public workers are far more secure

Corona rebalancing Federal and regional budget deficits need more debt financing

Various governments will be the main borrowers

Banks should do well in the environment when everybody needs credit despite lower margins

This will help to fix the holes in banks capital

But it is still quite alarming if one of bigger banks will fail

Equity and commodities prices reflect lower waccs and dollar printing

But oil is not responding to all the dollars that have been printed

OPEC plus pushed US to cut 2.4 mn boe day of shale oil, but more supply needs to come off

New sanctions on Azerbaijan proposed by Greece are on political radars

Lower energy prices press down on inflation

IT and Technology impact also improves margins. New normal is back inflation will be low.

Rural Investment Banking Coworking

Midlincoln deurbanisation enterprise intitiative

This section contains links to materials about Midlincoln deurbanisation enterprise intitiative.

Midlincoln is testing rural co-working model as its core business. Half of the co-working space is dedicated to investment analytics service and half of the space is industrial, creative environment with machines and tools which can be used in product development and small scale production. Our deurbanisation enterprise intitiative includes the following ideas:

Midlincoln Research

Investment Research

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Mount Maple
Cons. Cyclicals

Consumer Cyclicals

View the souvenir producer one pager

Craft Fund

Midlincoln Craft Fund

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View intro for this automotive producer

Wrestling, Healthcare and


Read about wrestling craft business

Village Telecoms
and Media


Coming up and not ready yet

Small Scale


Coming up and not ready yet

Small Scale


Coming up and not ready yet

Verical Agri
and Food Production

Consumer Staples

Coming up and not ready yet

Heating, Water, Electrics
Installation and Repair


Coming up and not ready yet

Home Electronics


Coming up and not ready yet

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MidLincoln Products
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