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Rural Investment Banking Coworking

Tockenising Midlincoln Crafts

This section contains links to materials about Midlincoln Rural Crafts Initiatives

Midlincoln is testing rural co-working model as its core business. Half of the co-working space is dedicated to investment analytics service and half of the space is industrial, creative environment with machines and tools which can be used in product development and small scale production.

Investing into Midlincoln Craft fund tokens is a comprehensive investment into all of the portfolio companies and funds. But each of the mentioned companies and funds are also accessible for investment directly also via tokens. Each of the portfolio company or a fund can be considered as a standalone franchise and Stoken could provide security token investment for qualified investors in any of them.

Midlincoln Research

Investment Research

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Mount Maple
Cons. Cyclicals

Consumer Cyclicals

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Craft Fund

Midlincoln Craft Fund

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Wrestling, Healthcare and


Read about wrestling craft business

Village Telecoms
and Media


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Small Scale


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Small Scale


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Verical Agri
and Food Production

Consumer Staples

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Heating, Water, Electrics
Installation and Repair


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Home Electronics


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