February Sectors Strategy

South Africa Materials Companies Deliver Stellar Performance on the back on strength in Palladium

European Materials Companies In the Lead - doesn't really mean positive news for European economic growth

Abstract Materials sector market share by countries

Major Commodities for Underlying Materials

Silver, Gold Producers generate very healthy margins – aluminium trails

More Specifically Steel, Copper, Gold and Silver margins support the sector in general, aluminium and chemicals lag

Market Share By Companies In the Abstract Materials Sector

Platinum Production

Key Platinum Producers

Key Palladium Producers

Aluminium Production tt (2017)


Global Steel Production – With Recession Periods Highlighted

Steel Production By Countries mn t (2018)

Steel Producers Cash Costs (from EBITDA margin)

Iron Ore Production by Countries

Estimated Gold Production By Countries t

Gold Companies Costs

Copper Cost Curve (EBITDA Margin 2019E %)

Largest Dividends in Materials Sector

Cheapest Materials Companies On Fy1 PE x

Value and Growth in Materials Sector By Countries

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