Midlincoln Oil Price Special

Sharp Rise In OVX Volatility

DXY Supportive of Higher Oil Prices

US GDP Growth Outlook Soft For Oil Price

US Inflationary Pressure Likely to Affect Oil Producers Costs

Average Integrated Oil and Gas EBITDA Margin Global Average

Integrated Oil and Gas EBITDA Margin Occidental Petroleum and Ecopetrol lead

Oil Demand Is Softer

Oil – No Supply Disruptions In Sight

Trend In Declining Oil Demand Intensifies

Oil Incremental Supply Is Expensive

US Rig Count Confirms Return of Unconventionals

Oil Refining Margins Slightly Better

Oil Refining Throughputs Tighter

Europe Leads In Oil Refining Throughput Increases

Kazakhstan Oil Output - a notable increase

Iran Oil Output Stable

IC Vehicles on production growth on decline

GTL Fuels a distant future

Methane Hydrates Still A Fantasy

Ecological Standard - Tighter

Electric Vehicles will Consume 1800 Terawatts in 2040

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