Midlincoln June Strategy
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  • Russia, Serbia, Japan are the WC favourites on Midlincoln estimates when Goldman Sachs Averages are applied… (see next slide for original GS Data)
  • Original GS Dataset Used to Derive Favourite Rankings
  • In fact Russia ranks at the Top even if not qualifying markets are included
  • Arable Land Is Important Factor in Determining WC Country Success – Russia, Australia, Brazil ..
  • June 13 Fed Decision, and then World Cup June 14 matches
  • WC Groups
  • Russia In World Cups- Success Matches Economy
  • Economic success is not required of winners.. Germany was an example..
  • Global Battle Deaths Fall as Red card expulsions rise But a recent drop in red cards is worrisome – implying a possible rise in global warfare deaths. Therefore Red cards on 2018 WC will be an important variable to watch
  • Trade wars – a consequence of a stagnating number of countries in WC .. 32 since 1998

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