Report: Midlincoln June Strategy

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More Ideas..
  • Russia, Serbia, Japan are the WC favourites on Midlincoln estimates when Goldman Sachs Averages are applied… (see next slide for original GS Data)
  • Original GS Dataset Used to Derive Favourite Rankings
  • In fact Russia ranks at the Top even if not qualifying markets are included
  • Arable Land Is Important Factor in Determining WC Country Success – Russia, Australia, Brazil ..
  • June 13 Fed Decision, and then World Cup June 14 matches
  • WC Groups
  • Russia In World Cups- Success Matches Economy
  • Economic success is not required of winners.. Germany was an example..
  • Global Battle Deaths Fall as Red card expulsions rise But a recent drop in red cards is worrisome – implying a possible rise in global warfare deaths. Therefore Red cards on 2018 WC will be an important variable to watch
  • Trade wars – a consequence of a stagnating number of countries in WC .. 32 since 1998
  • Rural Investment Banking Coworking

    Midlincoln deurbanisation enterprise intitiative

    This section contains links to materials about Midlincoln deurbanisation enterprise intitiative.

    Midlincoln is testing rural co-working model as its core business. Half of the co-working space is dedicated to investment analytics service and half of the space is industrial, creative environment with machines and tools which can be used in product development and small scale production. Our deurbanisation enterprise intitiative includes the following ideas:

    Midlincoln Research

    Investment Research

    View Midlincoln Research One Pager

    Mount Maple
    Cons. Cyclicals

    Consumer Cyclicals

    View the souvenir producer one pager

    Craft Fund

    Midlincoln Craft Fund

    View Midlincoln Craft Fund Description



    View intro for this automotive producer

    Wrestling, Healthcare and

    ITI RTS ETF Report

    Read about wrestling craft business

    Village Telecoms
    and Media


    Coming up and not ready yet

    Small Scale


    Coming up and not ready yet

    Small Scale


    Coming up and not ready yet

    Verical Agri
    and Food Production

    Consumer Staples

    Coming up and not ready yet

    Heating, Water, Electrics
    Installation and Repair


    Coming up and not ready yet

    Home Electronics


    Coming up and not ready yet

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    MidLincoln Products
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