Gold Mining Companies of Asia, Eastern & Western Europe and CIS
February, 28 th , 2018
Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow, Neglinnaya st. 4
Geography of gold mining is perplex. Gold deposits are found in many countries and
regions. What are the features of gold mining in the countries of Asia, Europe and the CIS?
Which companies are most attractive for investment in these countries? Every year, global
gold output is increasing, new deposits of this precious metal continue to be developed.
How is the operating environment for gold mining companies change from country to
country? What are the prospects for investing in gold in these geographies? Which regions
will be the most attractive for investors? The key investors and executives of gold mining
companies of Asia, Eastern and Western Europe and CIS will share their experience in
investing in gold mining assets.

Among invited speakers:
Alexei Moiseev
Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
Deputy Finance Minister
Ovanes Oganisian
MidLincoln Research
Chief Strategist
Ruben Aganbegyan
Otkritie FC Bank
Boris Krasnozhenov
Senior Analyst
Mikhail Stiskin
Senior Vice President, Finance and Strategy
Ian Hague
General Director
Sergey Krashuba
Russian Goldmining Union
Chairman of the Board
Van Krikorian
Global Gold Corporation
General Director
Vasily Makarov
General Director
Vladislav Portnov
Mongolian Mining United Investment Company LLC
General Director
Anna Vasilenko
Moscow Exchange
Managing Director for Primary Market Development and Customer Support
February, 28 th
09:00 – 10:00
Registration, welcome coffee
10:00 – 11:30
Session 1. Goldmining in Russia and CIS
Topics for discussion:
- State and prospects of the industry in Russia.
- New in the legislation and licensing of subsoil use.
- The most promising regions for buying gold. Mechanisms of investing in gold
- Opportunities for investing gold in Russia. Opening of metal accounts. Regulatory
- Infrastructure for development of new deposits.
- Some aspects of geological exploration for ore gold within the Ayan-Yuryakh
- Offtakers. Who is the main buyer and why is it profitable to invest in gold right now?
Countries: Russia, Georgia, Kirgizia, Armenia, China, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan
Coffee break
12:00 – 13:00
Session 2. Asia: Opportunities for investing in Gold Mining Industry
Topics for discussion:
- The most promising regions for buying gold in Asia.
- Features and mechanisms of investing in gold in Asian countries.
- Legislative base and licensing.
- Volumes of confirmed deposits of ore gold, updating in the legal practice of licensing
of gold deposits of Mongolia.
- New gold mining technologies used in the region.
Countries: India, China, Mongolia, Philippines, Malaysia
Coffee break
13:30 – 14:30
Session 3. The development of the industry in Western and Eastern
Europe: the state and prospects
Countries: Serbia, Romania, Ireland, Finland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey
Concluding remarks
Monetary factors in the price of gold. What indicators affect the price of gold and what do
gold quotes say?
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